FileMaker, Training, Development

What We Do

We offer a full range of FileMaker solutions, from consultation through to design and development and even training courses.  Merit Solutions has been established as a UK consultancy since 1997, becoming a limited company in 2002.

We have designed solutions for government and private clients , from many business environments including: advertising, engineering, sales, entertainment, event management, financial services and trading.

For help with your existing solution, or for a discussion on a bespoke software system for your business, please contact us.

About FileMaker

FileMaker is a rapid development platform for creating powerful custom database solutions for your business. It offers simplicity of development and design under one powerful set of development tools. Check out the FileMaker website for more information.

Training and Documentation

In addition, we provide comprehensive training and documentation services to enterprise clients on a consultancy basis for short or long term projects.