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Merit Solutions – About us

Training, Communications and Documentation


Established as a company in 2002, we have been working with many of the world’s top organisations.

We have supported them in creating software systems, fulfilling their staff development needs and supplying project staff for small to major IT projects.

Based in London, UK we have clients small and large, both in the capital and all across the UK. We are happy to quote for IT change management projects, training design and development consultancy.

FileMaker Services

FileMaker  - Bespoke Systems

We specialise in providing consultancy and development services in FileMaker.

FileMaker is one of the world’s leading database rapid development tools. Create solutions for your business with ease and complete customisability. We have created FileMaker solutions for a wide variety of clients in industries as diverse as Engineering, Sales and Order Processing, Media and Graphic Design, Government, Music and Event Management, Recruitment and Training Management.

If you would like a free consultation or discussion about a bespoke FileMaker project for your business, please contact us.

You can view some of our FileMaker work here.