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It is great to see the anecdotes on how much this will help the advertising teams going forward. Makes all the hard yards worthwhile. Really appreciate your dedication to delivering a high quality adoption experience to our users. I think you have again done some excellent work for the group and it is genuinely recognised and appreciated. – Ian Chapman (Head of Delivery Mail Newspapers)


Jon is a true professional who represents the company he works for at the highest level. His execution and quality of work never wavers and he provides exactly what is needed in the time provided. Knowledgeable in all aspects of his position- he is able to use his vast experience to get the job done. He is also a great listener and successful communicator when it comes to providing what the customer is looking for. Jon’s level demeanour and positive attitude is a strong asset he brings to Citi. He looks out for his fellow teammates, clients, and employer and seems to really enjoys what he does. Jon defines the words “professional” and “ knowledgeable”. He is a true asset to any company he works for. – George Carzis (Snr Vice President Citigroup)


Jon grasped the need we had – materials for Senior to Junior recipients – without coaching. He explained the new system brilliantly, even though it was still being created, and made the body of knowledge accessible and functional. I wish we could have kept him on but for severe budget challenges. You will be lucky if you can hire him while he’s still available. – Bridget Thexton (Snr Project Manager – Citigroup)


I have worked with Jon now for over two years in support of a number of programs to deploy/enhance technology solutions globally. He is truly a unique professional who is focused on detail and execution. Jon is an innovator and visionary always ready to challenge the status quo and recommend improvements. I have found his work ethic to be exemplary and dedicated to excellence, bringing improved technologies, structure and innovative approaches to delivering training to multiple teams across the globe. Jon is a great motivator of people and knows how to get the best out of the team. It is a pleasure to work with such an inspiring professional – Melanie Martin  (Snr Vice President – Citigroup)


Jon is a professional trainer with great skills in both course creation and delivery. A wide range of application knowledge coupled with history in a commercial environment makes a great combination. – John Gibson  (Account Director – QA)


Jon is a great trainer of people. He is thorough, reliable and personable and brings people with him during his training programmes. I would definitely recommend Jon at Merit Solutions. – Martin Ashplant (Head of Content – Metro)